attic conversion costs

attic conversion costs


The attic conversions cost will depend upon the size of the attic but there are some basic costs that are essential.

Touchstone attics have done attics that vary in price. When our expert consultants visit potential clients they explain the full process and answer any question in depth. They are experts in all aspects of attics, and are not salespeople. The cost of a attic conversion will vary considerably. The attic conversion process will assume that the build will be to building regulation standard. The project cost will depend on a variety of factors to ne discussed on this page.

The basics- attic conversions cost

A drawing is provided by a very experienced architect who can provide a variety of elevations and visuals so you can see the attic as it fits into your home.

A consultation with the local planning department and a check on the “permitted development” rights are checked and advice provided to comply.

There is also a structural calculation provided for the building control officer for him to check and then verify on his site visits.

All conversions will require a Floor structure and a staircase. The construction of the floor structure may involve a steel structure. The staircase will be fitted to the floor structure. The internal structure and insulation are essential for heat and sound insulation as well a fire protection for the floor. There are different types of insulation used depending on where is insulation is used.

The size of your attic is going to affect the attic conversion cost but the initial professional costs apply to all projects.

Rooflight or Dormer

The attic conversion costs will vary according to the number of windows, we only fit “Velux” branded windows and whether a dormer is required. Some attics always need a dormer, especially if the ridge height is low, the minimum ridge height is around 2 metres for a attic conversion to be feasible. There are different types of dormers, flat roof, pitched roof, mansard and the size and finish of the dormer will also affect the cost of each dormer.


An en-suite is pretty well the norm now for most attics we build. These can be pretty cosy, a shower, toilet and basin is the basic requirement. Bigger attics have the full works with a bath and separate shower.


If your existing attic contains water tanks, there will be cost implication to come with a solution for these. Coffin tanks are a bit old hat and only done by dated plumbers, the better and more efficient way is to fit a pressurized hot water tanks or commonly known as a “Megaflow”. This will mean all your tanks in your home can be removed, hence making room for your attic. This is a service that Touchstone attics can provide. Another solution is to change your boiler to a combination boiler, these system changes also mean that tanks are not required.